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Postado em 3/9/2006

O que os gringos têm a dizer sobre nós, por Kelly e John Shreve

It was our pleasure hosting your son Miguel. He is such a wonderful person, I am sure you are very proud of the person he has grown up to become. He was always pleasant, polite and friendly. We miss having his smiling face in our home. I am glad he enjoyed his stay here. He is always welcomed back! He always talked very lovingly about his family and proudly showed us your pictures I hope that we can one day meet. (em carta para a mãe de Miguel)

We always enjoy hosting students from Brazil. Their warm hearts, genuine smiles and caring ways are just some of the many reasons why. We have not yet visited Brazil, but are sure the same loving culture we experienced with our students here, awaits us there. We look forward to it!

We have since had a young girl Jackie from Brazil who was also very sweet. We are expecting a Brazilian boy next month and one later in the year, we look forward to their visits.

Kelly e John Shreve hopedaram Miguel Singer durante 2 meses em Honolulu, Hawaii


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